400px-Monster Acheron

"You cannot resist me!" - Acheron

Acheron, the Wraith of Despair can be summoned if you have the Orb of Acheron, which comes from the Solace's Special Mission: Darkest Hour24px-Orb of Acheron

You have 72 hours to defeat Acheron before he flees.

Basic Information Edit

  • Level Tier: 1-20
  • Classification: World Monster
  • Life: 1,100,000 health
  • Time Limit: 72 hours
  • Max Number of Participants: 30
  • Epic Loot Drop limit: 1
  • Chance at Epic Loot Drop starts at : 100,000 damage
  • Max Guild Monster Points: 9000
  • GOLD MEDAL Information: ~20,000 damage within 24 hours, 2 Skill Points

Siege Weapons Edit

While fighting Acheron, players can launch 1 siege weapon that can be to deal extra damage.

Name Clicks Damage Dealt  %HP Dealt*
Earth siege small1 Guardian Soldiers 5 15,000 dmg
3,000 dmg/click
1.36 %
0.27 % per click

Note:The last (5th) person to respond to the Guardian Soldiers Call to Arms will have the 15,000 damage added to their overall damage contribution in the battle, should they decide to join and attack.

Battle Lore Edit

Acheron Summoned Edit


Acheron Defeated Edit

You strike the wraith down, as it appears to dissolve into a cloud of floating red mist. "You cannot resist me!" you hear it cry once more.

At once, jets of red light shoot from the mist and into your chest, quickly overtaking you.

You feel your heart lurch, then skip a beat, and then you fall into one knee. Your heartbeat slows and grows faint, almost distant.

You feel your energy drain from your arms and legs and a sudden sense of surrender begins taking hold of you. You feel as if whatever internal battle was going on within you has been thrown suddenly out of balance, and you find yourself helpless at the whim of an overwhelming darkness.

Then you hear a large crack and something bright shoots out of the altar orb.

"FREEeeee!!" Comes a feminine voice in front of you. Barely able to move, you somehow manage to turn your head up for a second. In surprise you see the figure of a tiny beautiful maiden with faery wings floating a few feet in front of your eyes.

"That stupid demon Mephistopheles thought he could keep me trapped in there forever, but it seems you outsmarted him! You sure did!"

"...Hey... What's your name anyway...?"

Her form blurs, and your vision begins to go dark. You feel your heart has completely stopped at this point, and you notice that you are not breathing either...

You question whether this is your end, and you feel yourself slowly

Rewards After Slaying Acheron Edit

450px-Acheron Dead

Common Drops Rare Drops Epic Drops
32px-Amulet of DespairAmulet of Despair
(Amulet: attack: 1 defense: 1)
32px-Doom Gauntlet Doom Gauntlet
(Glove: attack: 2 defense: 0)
32px-Spiked Greaves Spiked Greaves
(Boots: attack: 1 defense: 1)
32px-Armor of the Undead Armor of the Undead
(Armor: attack: 0 defense: 3
32px-Wraithrider Helm Wraithrider Helm
(Helmet: attack: 2 defense: 2)
32px-Band of Despair Band of Despair
(Ring: attack: 2 defense: 1)
32px-Doomsword Doomsword
(Weapon: attack: 3 defense: 0)
32px-Persephone Persephone
(Guardian: attack: 7 defense: 7)

Notes Edit

  • The victory lore is noticeably cut off. It may be the same text as the Heart of Darkness Festival Game.
  • Acheron's health seems to have bumped up by 100,000 since the release of Carmilla. Probably due to player feedback of him being too easy to kill.