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Carmilla, Princess of Darkness can be summoned if you have the Orb of Carmilla, which comes from the Catalyst's Special Mission: Portside Tavern 24px-Orb of Carmilla

You have 72 hours to defeat Carmilla before she flees.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Level Tier: 1-20
  • Classification: World Monster
  • Life: 3,800,000 health
  • Time Limit: 72 hours
  • Max Number of Participants: 30
  • Epic Loot Drop limit: 1; 1 additional chance slot for summoner if Virgil is not yet acquired; documented 2nd Epic not counting Virgil (Virgil & 2 Epics has happened)
  • In order to get Virgil as a guardian, you have to be a summoner and do minimum 400,000 damage*
  • Chance at Epic Loot Drop starts at : 250,000 damage
  • Max Guild Monster Points: 45600
  • GOLD MEDAL Information: 150k~ damage within 24 hours, 2 Skill Points

Siege Weapons Edit

While fighting Carmilla, players can launch 1 siege weapon that can be to deal extra damage.

Name Clicks Damage Dealt  %HP Dealt*
Earth siege small1 Guardian Soldiers 10 345,000 dmg
34,500 dmg/click

9.08 %
0.91 % per click

Battle LoreEdit

Carmilla SummonedEdit


Carmilla DefeatedEdit

The battle with Carmilla is fierce and she strikes toward you with killing intent, quickly driving her claws into any hunter that blocks her path and then flinging their bodies out of her way. She is both intrigued and furious at your ability to withstand her assault. With every passing second, more of the hunters fall and larger numbers of vampires pour into the room. It seems as if defeat is inevitable.

The older hunter that greeted your arrival breaks up your battle and draws Carmilla's attention away from you for a moment, a moment long enough for a young hunter to slip something warm and glowing into your pouch and pass along a quick word.

Virgil: "This battle is lost, but we cannot give up hope. You must take the tear to our headquarters in the Mountain City to the North. I deeply wish I could join you, but I will buy you some time to escape. We entrust everything to you. Do not let our sacrifice be in vain."

Virgil utters a prayer under his breath as the old hunter falls, and rushes to engage Carmilla in what is likely to be a swift end.

The tavern is about to be overrun, and you take this moment to crash through a tavern window and make your escape out of the city. When you are a safe distance away, you look back to the city and see nothing left but a scattering of buildings engulfed in flames.

Rewards After Slaying Carmilla Edit

Carmilla Dead

Common Drops Rare Drops Epic Drops
Shadowsteel boots
Shadowsteal Boots
(Boots: attack: 2 defense: 3)
32px-Forsakeners Helm Forsakeners Helm
(Helmet: attack: 3 defense: 4)
32px-Blood Cross Blood Cross
(Amulet: attack: 3 defense: 1)
32px-Vampire Seal Vampire Seal
(Ring: attack: 2 defense: 2)
32px-Nights Grasp Nights Grasp
(Gauntlet: attack: 1 defense: 3)
32px-Nightstalker Armor Nightstalker Armor
(Armor: attack: 3 defense: 4)
32px-Staff of the Undead Staff of the Undead
(Weapon: attack: 5 defense: 5)
Epic Summoner Drops

32px-Virgil Virgil (Guardian: attack: 7 defense: 8)