Heart of Darkness MB's of Darkness Guild
We are a highly active group, we have group monster battles so the larger ones we can make sure they do not fail. We have Guild battles and we try to stick to our Guild Schedules--
This is the schedule - So battles in the morning will start around 7-8 am cst (8-9 est) then the next one we can have at 1-2 cst then 8-9 cst and whoever on that middle of the night one but the one in the early am can not be summoned so late that it effects the first battle summoning time
Here is a link to our guild pageMB's of Darkness the page We always accept people from the page first so the know what is going on
So if you have any question message me here - Send here for any questions
Please send your level and your attack and defense and if you are active. The most important to us is that your active and fun
Right now we have 87 members with about 50 of them active in battles and 72 active in monster battles... So we have allot of dead weight.
If you can not play a admin or a friend is more than willing to step in for you and play you for the day if you want them too. We work together
This is a great guild so I would not miss the chance while you can[1]