The OracleEdit

Cahod Oracle

The Oracle offers special services for favor points! She can also summon special units for your army! Complete the offer below to get more favor points.

This is where you can buy monthly specials and five other additional offerings.

Offer 16px-Favor point small Cost
A Full Energy Refill 10
A Full Stamina Refill 10
A Full Health Refill 10
A certain amount of Gold* 10
A Name Change 10
  • Formula is Your level X 2,000 gold.

At the bottom of the Oracle page, you will find ways to buy favor points.

Monthly Specials Edit

Every month, the Oracle offers four "special items", most often a new Guardian and some related equipment.

Latest Offer: VoltairEdit

9 Attack 9 Defense
16px-Favor point small 30 Favor Points
+2% critical hit chance @ Lvl 4
Aether Scepter
80px-Aether Scepter
4 Attack 3 Defense
16px-Favor point small 25 Favor Points
[+1 Attack]
Visage of Voltair
80px-Visage of Voltair
2 Attack 6 Defense
16px-Favor point small 25 Favor Points
[+1 Defense]
Force Stone
80px-Force Stone
3 Attack 3 Defense
16px-Favor point small 25 Favor Points
[+2 Energy]
  • Bonuses listed are Passive Bonuses granted for that item while the specific Guardian is Active.

Demi GodsEdit

Demi Gods are the Castle Age: Heart of Darkness world's three deities. Each one is tied to a stat, and every 24 or 48 hours, you may receive a blessing from one to gain demi-points and a stat point of the their alignment.


50px-Cahod angel logoRevered as the First Nosferatu. While allvampires pay homage to his might, Angelus is distinguished rather for his silver tongue and hypnotic charisma.

Cahod angelus

Once every 24 hours Rewards: +1 Energy, 100 Angelus Demi Points

Angelus Demi Points Rewards:

  • 400 - Vampiric Helm (3 Attack 3 Defense)
  • 900 - Vampiric Ring (3 Attack 2 Defense)


This article is about the Demi God of Heart of Darkness. For the villain of the original Castle Age, see Alpha Mephistopheles.

50px-Cahod meph logoWorshiped by many as the King of Demons.A Behemoth of insumountable power, he rules his domain with an iron fist and is feared by all for his ruthless reputation. Cahod meph

Once every 24 hours Rewards: +1 Attack, 100 Mephistopheles Demi Points

Mephistopheles Demi Points Rewards:

  • 400 - Demonic Band (1 Attack 2 Defense)
  • 900 - Demonic Blade (7 Attack 6 Defense)


This article is about the Demi God of Heart of Darkness. For Demi-Power of the original Castle Age, see Azeron.

50px-Cahod az logoWalking the line between light and darkness, Azeron sees into the hearts of both the righteous and the wicked. For those seeking atonement for a life of sin, he is often seen as the last of hope for redemption. Cahod azeron

Once every 48 hours Rewards: +1 Stamina, 200 Azeron Demi Points

Azeron Demi Points Rewards:

  • 400 - Vengeance Pendant (3 Attack 4 Defense)
  • 900 - Vengeance Greaves (3 Attack 4 Defense)

Demi-Rewards Chart Edit

Demi Points 20px-Cahod angel logo Angelus 20px-Cahod meph logo Mephistopheles 20px-Cahod meph logo Azeron
400 Vampiric Helm (Helm, 3:3) Demonic Band (Ring, 1:2) Vengeance Pendant (Amulet, 3:4)
900 Vampiric Ring (Ring, 3:2) Demonic Blade (Weapon, 7:6) Vengeance Greaves (Boots, 3:4)

Notes Edit

  • According to the game text after finishing the Portside Tavern special mission in Catalyst, Angelus is the king of vampires who was defeated and sealed by Azeron long ago.
  • Mephistopheles is a central villain in the original Castle Age. He was supposedly defeated by the hero in Ivory City but is seemingly implied to be immortal by infecting and taking over the bodies of his vanquishers according to Fire II's quest intro.
  • Azeron is also a demi god in the original Castle Age.
  • There is a cap of 1000 demi points in place. However, you can go over this by gaining additional demi points by attacking and/or looting monsters. If you decide to gain a blessing from a demi god with over 1000 demi points, it will reset it's count to 1000.