"The Princess of the Fairies from a far away land where the Demi God of War makes his home."
Special Ability
The bank fee for depositing your money is decreased by X%
Origin: Solace
Recruitment Cost Upkeep Cost
Acheron Epic Drop

Stats & LevelsEdit

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 7 7 -10% Bank Fee
2 8 8 -20% Bank Fee
3 9 9 -30% Bank Fee
4 10 10 -40% Bank Fee

Notes Edit

  • Kill Acheron with decent enough damage to receive an epic drop (125,000+) and cross your fingers that she's your epic loot.
  • Heart of Darkness' Persephone has a different ability than that of the original Castle Age's Persephone
    • For those who played Heart of Darkness when it was still in the Castle Age Festival, Persephone must be recruited again to get her in your guardian roster.
  • In Greek mythology, Persephone is the queen of the underworld, the wife of Hades