Immerse in the game's story by expending energy in your Journey. Earn gold, experience and skill points to strengthen your character as well as items that will unravel the game mysteries. Each quest has 5 levels. Completing 1 level earns 1 Skill Point. The quest's flame will also change color according to it's level:

  • Level 1: Golden Flame
  • Level 2: Red Flame
  • Level 3: Blue Flame
  • Level 4: Purple Flame
  • Level 5: White Flame

Higher level questing is only unlocked once you have completed the Land's special quest.


  • Questing is based on Lands/Regions and each Land have quests that the player must complete sequentially within each land.
  • progress in questing is halted until you finish quests in propers sequesnce i.e. Solace/Edge of Town is locked untill you finish Solace/Through the Town Gates (at least first round - level 0)
  • unlike the original CA questing, each quest have 5 levels insted of 4. (Flame color change is the indicator)
  • Obviously, Developers decided to "give away" free skill point upon attempt to proceed leveling up each quest. example: if you finished a quest pre-CA-HoD questing updates, you would have recieved a skill point as an achievement for finishing the quest at level 0 (golden flame), now once you decide to continue leveling up the moment you move into questing level 1 it immediately rewards you with another skill point as if you have just finished level 0 and advanced to level 1. Yet, Not sure if that would be considered free skill point since it does consume the same amount of energy to do one click!
  • It is considered a very good opportunity to collect as much skill points as you can in case you finished almost all activities, and left with Dueling only!

Land Quests
  1. Through the Town Gates
  2. Edge of Town
  3. Path to the Temple 105px-Orb of AcheronOrb of Acheron
  4. Ambush in the Forest
  5. Crypt
  6. Werewolf Den
  7. Forsaken Sun
  8. Darkest Hour [Milestone]
  1. Children of the Night 105px-Orb of CarmillaOrb of Carmilla
  2. Open Sea
  3. Road to Town
  4. Portside Town
  5. Portside Tavern [Milestone]
  1. Into the Forest 105px-Orb of BelialOrb of Belial
  2. Voices in the Woods
  3. Attack by Treants
  4. Flowing River
  5. Forest Lake
  6. Demonic Circle [MileStone]
  1. Mountain Entrance 105px-Orb of FaustOrb of Faust
  2. Mountain Cave
  3. Mountain Hermit
  4. Cave Exit
  5. City Gates
  6. Castle Throne Room [Milestone]

Upon finishing each Milestone, there will an assured drop of an orb for a special monster:

  • Solace Land - Darkest Hour : Orb of Acheron
  • Catalyst Land - Portside Tavern : Orb of Camilla
  • Provacation Land - Demonic Circle : Orb of Belial
  • Awakening Land - Castle Throne Room : Orb of Faust


You awake shivering in the cold of the night. The pale glow of the moon is all that illuminates your otherwise dark surroundings.

The pain in your head rings as you try to recollect the recent events. You manage to recall the faint image of you standing before on ominous presence. It is calling to you...
Your head relaxes as the cloudy image begins to clear... Suddenly intense cold shoots up to your spine and takes hold, choking your very breath! The clear dark visage of a demon, skin painted in red, forms pulsingly in your mind, pulling you into its darkness!
The sudden rush of your beating rush knocks you violently out of your thoughts and back into the present, and you are alone again.

Sweat streaks down your forehead and your senses sharpen. A hooded figure in dark platemail approaches.
Azeron: Hello, old friend. I've finally found you. It pains me to see you like this... You risked so much to save us all.
You attempt to stand, and you feel a surge of power within you. Glowing armor and a shimmering black cloak begin to manifest around your body...
Then suddenly a jolt of ringing pain takes hold of your head again, and your fall to your knees, gasping for breath.
Azeron: Easy! You're still weak. Come. We have a long way to go.

Select Stage

SolaceSolace CatalystCatalyst ProvocationProvocation
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