The Town is where you can buy equipment for questing and suiting up your character to improve performance in PvP and monster battles.

The Town also displays other equipment that you obtained elsewhere: from the Demi Gods, Battle Ranks or from monster loot.

Regular WeaponsEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Cost
Short Sword 50px-Short Sword2 Weapon 1 0 10,000
Long Sword 50px-Long Sword2 Weapon 8 0 4,000,000

Regular HelmetsEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Cost
Leather Helm 50px-Leather Helm Helmet 0 1 15,000
Plate Helm 50px-Plate Helm Helmet 4 4


Regular ArmorEdit

*Guardian GARETH can help reduce the cost of armors. However, although the game will discount your purchase, it won't allow you to buy unless you have the original amount on hand means it should not be in the bank it should be in ur hand. The discount will be applied upon purchase.

Name Image Category Attack Defense Cost
Leather Gauntlet 50px-Leather Gauntlet Gauntlets 0 1 15,000
Leather Boots 50px-Leather Boots Boots 0 1 30,000
Leather Armor 50px-Leather Armor2 Armor 0 2 125,000
Plate Armor 50px-Plate Armor Armor 1 8 57,500,000

Regular MiscEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Cost
Leather Charm 50px-Leather Charm Amulet 1 0 25,000
Leather Band 50px-Leather Band Ring 1 0 2,500
Golden Pendant 50px-Golden Pendant Amulet 3 3 325,000

Demi EquipmentEdit

Equipment obtained from the Demi Gods of Heart of Darkness. These prizes are awarded once players obtain a certain amount of demi points from a particular demi god. Demi points are obtained by praying to that particular demi god and from monster hunting.

Angelus EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Points Needed
Vampiric Helm 50px-Vampiric Helm Helmet 3 3 400
Vampiric Ring 50px-Vampiric Ring Ring 3 2 900

Mephistopheles EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Points Needed
Demonic Band 50px-Cahod Demonic Band Ring 1 2 400
Demonic Blade 50px-Demonic Blade Weapon 7 6 900

Azeron EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Points Needed
Vengeance Pendant 50px-Vengeance Pendant Amulet 3 4 400
Vengeance Greaves 50px-Vengeance Greaves Boots 3 4 900

Favor Point EquipmentEdit

These equipment are bought with Favor Points in the Oracle Page. They usually cost 25 FP.

Monthly SpecialsEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Guardian Bonus
Aether Scepter 50px-Aether Scepter Weapon 4 3 Voltair +1 Attack to Phaeton
Visage of Voltair 50px-Visage of Voltair Helmet 2 6 Voltair +1 Defense to Phaeton
Force Stone 50px-Force Stone Amulet 3 3 Voltair +2 Energy when Phaeton is equipped

Battle Rank EquipmentEdit

These equipment are awarded after obtaining certain ranks in PvP battles.

Name Image Category Attack Defense Battle Points needed
Zealot Gauntlets 50px-Zealot Gauntlets Gauntlets 2 3 450
Destroyer Signet 50px-Destroyer Signet Ring 4 4 2,000
Blood Guard Greaves 50px-Blood Guard Greaves Boots 5 6 7,500

Monster EquipmentEdit

These equipment are dropped monsters. The monsters have to be defeated within the designated time limit in order to collect loot from it. Equipment from monsters have varying levels of "rarity". The more rare, the better the equipment in it's category most of the time but also much harder to get or is more limited.

It's worth noting that the higher the damage contribution in a monster battle, the higher the chances to unlock loot rarity "slots". What particular loot goes in these slots is totally random and depends mostly on their hidden drop rate percentage.

Acheron EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Rarity
Amulet of Despair 50px-Amulet of Despair Amulet 1 1 Common
Doom Gauntlet 50px-Doom Gauntlet Gauntlets 2 0 Common
Spiked Greaves 50px-Spiked Greaves Boots 1 1 Common
Armor of the Undead 50px-Armor of the Undead Armor 0 3 Rare
Wraithrider Helm 50px-Wraithrider Helm Helm 2 2 Rare
Doomsword 50px-Doomsword Weapon 3 0 Epic
Band of Despair 50px-Band of Despair Ring 2 1 Epic

Carmilla EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Rarity
Shadowsteal Boots Shadowsteel boots Boots 2 3 Common
Forsakeners Helm 50px-Forsakeners Helm Helmet 3 4 Common
Blood Cross 50px-Blood Cross Amulet 3 1 Common
Vampire Seal 50px-Vampire Seal Ring 2 2 Rare
Nights Grasp 50px-Nights Grasp Gauntlet 1 3 Rare
Nightstalker Armor 50px-Nightstalker Armor Armor 3 4 Epic
Staff of the Undead 50px-Staff of the Undead Weapon 5 5 Epic

Belial EquipmentEdit

Name Image Category Attack Defense Rarity
Pendant of Belial 50px-Pendant of Belial Amulet 2 3 Common
Signet of Souls 50px-Signet of Souls Ring 3 3 Common
Armor of Anguish 50px-Armor of Anguish Armor 4 2 Common
Harvester of Souls 50px-Harvester of Souls Weapon 5 4 ?
Tormentor Gauntlets 50px-Tormentor Gauntlets Gauntlet 3 1 ?
Greaves of Styx 50px-Greaves of Styx Boots 4 4 ?
Helm of the Demon Prince 50px-Helm of the Demon Prince Helmet 3 6 ?


  • Battle Rank equipment are derived from Skaar Deathrune's gear from castle age.